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Consumer Culture Film Analysis - Wall E Essay - 1131 Words

Marina Souza ICS 392: Consumer Culture - Hildebrand 10/29/2016 Assignment #2: Consumer Culture Film Analysis – Wall-E In short words, Wall-E is the story of a robot who was designed to clean up an extremely polluted Planet Earth. This animated movie has a much larger meaning than expected – it explains what can happen to our planet if we keep consuming the way we do. As indicated by the movie, big corporations and greedy consumers destroyed our ecosystem. A planet that was full of nature, water, fuels, animals and vegetation along with many other things simply vanished because of a society that consumed too much. It is a pretty scary thought to watch this movie and think about how we are on a process of doing the exact same thing. With a huge market of major retailers in the world consuming more than necessary is easier and easier each day. Consumer culture today is thriving – but not necessarily in a good way. As consumer culture thrives, we have desires for products and services. Consumer spending is a major part of a country’s/world’s economy and that makes the econom y strong but the aftermath is an unsustainable lifestyle. Although, Wall-E didn’t indicate exactly what caused consumers to destroy the planet and then flee for the sake of human survival, there are many guesses that can be made as to how it happened. One of the major points made in class during week eight was the fact that the world is becoming overpopulated. This major issue can possibly beShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Wall E 1675 Words   |  7 PagesWall-e is a children s movie about capitalism and the future consequences of buying into such ideals. It proposes that society would be better off with wholesome lifestyles (Argument Analysis) and less consumerism. Professor Humphreys presented three critiques and four interventions, about the film so that we could analyze it with theories learned in class. She also plays the devil s advocate to argue that capitalism has destroyed not only the planet, but also humankind, specifically, AmericansRead MoreColor Acts As A Symbolic Foundation For The Film1163 Words   |  5 PagesColor acts as ongoing symbolic foundation for the film. The film mainly employs monochromatic, muted colors, focusing on warm reds, browns, and yellows in which Wall-E’s world comes to life. Against this backdrop, the Earth setting is translated as a massive garbage dump while the signs of life, real life, like the bright green of the seedling instantly seize the viewer’s eyeline. The audience is visually magnetized to these small glimpses because the contrast is so sharp and captivating. WhileRead MoreDigital Piracy Essay1225 Words   |  5 Pagesthese reports as they erroneously assume that every consumer of an unauthorised copy would have purchased a ticket to see the film if the copy didn’t exist. Thus, they reject the piracy figures published by industry sources as exaggerated and lobbying efforts . Likewise, Gayer and Shy (2001) point out that data on piracy losses tends to be overestimated because t he positive and negative impacts partly offset each other. In this regard, Vany and Walls (2007) attempt to realistically quantify the revenueRead MoreStrategic Management - Pixar - Success4064 Words   |  17 Pages1 1.1 Introduction 3 1.2. External analysis of Pixar Animation Studios 3 1.2.1. Macro environment 3 1.2.2. PESTEL-Analysis 3 Political factors 3 Economic factors 4 Social factors 4 Technological factors 4 Environmental factors 4 Legal factors 4 Conclusion 4 1.3. Internal analysis of Pixar Animation Studios 5 1.3.1. Principle of Innovation 5 1.3.2. Business Culture 5 1.4. SWOT-Analysis of Pixar Animation Studios 6 1.4.1Read MoreA Strategic Management Case Study on the Walt Disney Company8543 Words   |  35 Pagessuccessful and others not so much), and in 1928, introduced Mickey Mouse to the world in the animated short,  Steamboat Willie—widely described as the first animated film to be synchronized with post-produced music. The Mickey Mouse character gained enormous popularity, and Walt and Roy enjoyed incredible success thereafter with feature films both related and unrelated to the Mickey Mouse character. The Walt Disney Company produced several of its animated classics throughout the 1940s such as PinocchioRead MoreMarket Cannibalization And Its Impact On Innovation Strategies3121 Words   |  13 Pagesof the worst possible scenarios is when a new product fails in the market place and the negativity caused by its failure can hamper the overall sales of the firm. Hence new products must be launched keeping in mind all these factors and necessary analysis needs to be done to calculate the pricing of the new product, the value given to the customers in comparison to existing product lines, and also the timing of new product launch to avoid cannibalization. Types of Market Cannibalization CannibalizationRead MoreMarketing : Group Report And Presentation1955 Words   |  8 PagesStudent ID: 11500348 Introduction To Marketing: Group Report and Presentation A) Introduce our Group Members and our contributions: ---Man Wai :Introduction Of 3M and the industry Analysis ---Muhammad: Competitor Analysis and Customer Analysis --- Alice: Brand Analysis and our goals ---Mehak: Conclusion and market mix analysis B) 3M Company Introduction: History Of 3M: ---The 3M Company, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporationRead MoreThe Video Gaming Culture in Japan1594 Words   |  7 Pagesand creators of both of video gaming consoles and video games around the world. (Niizumi) Japanese video games are beneficial to society and are an excellent source of employment to many in Japan. To understand how video gaming relates to Japanese culture we need to understand more about the country of Japan. We will explore some important facts about Japan’s cultural society and environment. The country of Japan is an island nation, which is separated from Mainland Asia by the Sea of Japan. (â€Å"FactsRead MoreCase on the Disney Brand14200 Words   |  57 PagesKey Words: Brand Extension, Expansion into New Geographies. Brand Culture, Brand Symbols, Semiotics Analysis. Study of ‘Disney’: Strategies and factors that helped build the iconic brand. Group 7 Archana Menon 2008 09 A Chandan Pansari 2008 12 A Ranjani Mani 2008 43 A Sumita Das 2008 55 A INDEX Introduction ..........................................................................................................................4 Licensing ..............................................Read More1.Shopping and Tourist Night Markets in Taiwan6382 Words   |  26 PagesNight Markets in Taiwan An-Tien Hsieha, Janet Changb,ÃÆ' b School of Management, Da-Yeh University, Chang-hua, Taiwan Department and Graduate School of Tourism Management, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan Received 29 January 2004; accepted 28 June 2004 a Abstract From theoretical viewpoints, analyses of consumer motivation have been applied to the shopping and the tourism industry for decades. However, little research has been done on night markets or street vendors. According to the Statistical

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My Personal Statement On Education - 1087 Words

I was raised by two hard working parents who instilled in me the value of higher education. My parents didn’t have the opportunity to pursue education. My mother finished high school in Mexico; but soon after graduating she began to work. On the other hand, my father wasn’t as lucky. In Guatemala education isn’t encouraged among families because the necessity of money is too great due to poverty. In my father’s case he began working when he was 7 years old causing him to only attend up to the second grade. All my father learned was that hard labor is necessary to provide for his family. My parents wish they had been given the opportunity to continue learning which is why they always emphasized the importance of education to my five†¦show more content†¦I no longer felt bad but found myself resenting my father for being an alcoholic. I resented my father’s weakness to not be strong enough to control his addiction for the better of his famil y. I suddenly began to think of the peace I had felt when he got arrested because I no longer saw my dad’s aggressive alcoholic phases. I did not understand why he would comeback trying to pick fights with my mother or big sister Silvia. From that incident on my relationship with my father was broken. My big sister Silvia helped me get through my father’s growing addiction throughout the years of my childhood growing up. She was the role model I needed and looked up too. Silvia was the one that potty trained me, helped calm me down when i was scared, helped me with school projects and more. I saw her focused in school by doing homework, joining sports, clubs and getting perfect grades. My sister’s routine is one I adopted into my own. It was a constant routine for us to do good in school in order to make our mom proud. To prove to her we would be different then my father and the Latino stereotypes. School was an escape to me because it helped me forget about my father’s problem. I joined sports and clubs to have an excuse to stay longer at school. I tried to avoid seeing my father because he would upset me and fill me up with hatred and resentment. The older I became the more hatred I felt towards him because I knew that if he wanted to he could stop butShow M oreRelatedPersonal Statement : My Personal Philosophy Of Education1193 Words   |  5 PagesMy philosophy of education is that every child should receive high quality education that is inclusive, relevant and meaningful to their life. I am a firm believer of making pedagogy relatable to my students. My vision is driven by my personal experiences with the American school system. I was what is thought of as â€Å"A child at risk†. I am an immigrant, black, Muslim student. My life is complex as I am a part of multiple marginalized groups. Most of my teachers looked at me in a pity way. They alwaysRead MoreMy Personal Statement On Elementary Education1063 Words   |  5 Pages I was home on leave after serving 15 months in Iraq, spending time with my family and connecting with people I haven’t seen in a while. My mother arranged for me to speak to my brother’s 3rd-grade class since they had written letters to me while I was deployed. It was something I felt that I owed since the letters were cheerful and really helped when I was over there. I was a bit nervous because I have never done something like this before, public speaking was not a strong suit of mine. While visitingRead MoreAnalysis Of Lee Canter s Video The Power Of Mission 985 Words   |  4 Pagesteachers entering the field of education have a crystal clear view of what they want to accomplish. However, as time progresses teachers lose sight of what they wanted to do (Canter, 1993). They become bogged down by the demands of the job and life and have a hard time seeing the beauty in what they do. Canter offers a remedy for teachers all teachers, especially those who’ve lost touch with why they chose this profession. The remedy is creating a mission statement that encompasses your teachingRead MoreSelf Reflection On My Writing And Learning Process Essay1554 Words   |  7 PagesSelf-reflection on my Writing and Learning Process I think self-reflection, or a careful cogitation of one’s personal work, is very important. It will help me think about my strengths and weaknesses in my writing skills and learning process, so that I can improve my weaknesses in the future and become a better writer. I believe, I have many strengths and many weaknesses that can be seen transparently through my drafts, revisions, and final essays, or writings, this semester. My overall strength includesRead MoreHigher Education Faculty Teaching Philosophy845 Words   |  4 PagesHigher Education Faculty Teaching Philosophy Introduction Many higher institutions have a statement of philosophies of their own derived from their pioneer or parent institutions or organizations (Higgins Leonora, 2009). The Catholic University of America School of Nursing has its pioneer group that is the Catholic Church. Therefore, every value, virtue, norm, composition and beliefs are all originated from the Catholic Church and are thus modified to fit its environmentRead MorePersonal Responsibility Essay1097 Words   |  5 PagesPersonal Responsibility Albertis McCray Gen Ed 200 10/28/2011 John Bachofer III Personal Responsibility Essay Personal Responsibility is taking accountability for all your thoughts, feelings and actions. Understanding personal responsibility is taught from elementary school all the way through college. As an adult going back to school, understanding personal responsibility is the key to successfully obtain your degree. Entrepreneur’s must be personally responsible or theyRead MoreValues Essay1026 Words   |  5 Pageshelping others, team work, education, dedication, and results oriented. We all act and make decisions without realizing that these processes are in fact based on our core values. Values are as Burkhardt Nathaniel (2014) state, are concepts that reflect what is meaningful and important to us. During my participation in this BSN program, I have had the opportunity to learn about what my values are through values clarification; in turn I have become very aware of my thoughts, feelings and whatRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Education1476 Words   |  6 Pages871 Foundations of Higher Education Summer 2015 Instructor: Joel Abaya, PhD Personal Philosophy of Education Submitted by: Wessam Elamawy . Personal Philosophy of Education Introduction: From the very beginning of my life I recognized the importance of higher education. I am 34 years old. I am Egyptian. I was born in a highly educated family . My father earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. My uncle earned a Ph.D. in Engineering . My aunt is a doctor. My grandparents were highly educatedRead MorePolicies and Legislation Related To Inclusive Education Could Influence Society993 Words   |  4 PagesBriefly discuss how you believe policies and legislation related to Inclusive Education influence attitudes toward the way society accepts difference. As I have eagerly anticipated meeting my practical classes in the last three years, I take with me the knowledge that I will find a class that is full of unique individuals. These students will have different cultures, types of families, socioeconomic status and learning needs just to name a few of the diversities. Although this is the type of classRead MorePersonal Statement On Educational Leadership1423 Words   |  6 PagesWill Hardin 5040 Create a personal, professional mission statement summarizing philosophy, knowledge and skills of instructional supervision from which to guide future leadership actions. Assessment: Students will articulate a personal theory of instructional leadership and specify a personal, professional mission statement as a guide to socially responsible, ethical leadership behavior. Mission Statement â€Å"We are all in this together. Once we know that we are, we’re all stars and we see that

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The Movie Beastly Free Essays

The movie Beastly is a romantic fantasy drama film that is directed by Daniel Barnz. The stars are Alex Pettyfer as Kyle Kingson and Vanessa Hudgens as Linda Taylor. The film denotes that your character is more important than your physical appearance and it also denotes that don’t look up to yourself too high. We will write a custom essay sample on The Movie Beastly or any similar topic only for you Order Now Kyle is a rich, handsome guy and a very popular boy in the school in the start of the movie I already saw the arrogant side of Kyle. He thinks that he is the most beautiful creature in the world. He’s so arrogant. The witch warned him that he should change his attitude but he didn’t listen the second chance that the witch give was wasted he never learn until the witch cursed him. He makes him into a beastly. Then there is this girl named Linda Taylor she change Kyle. Linda is a lovely girl and she loves flowers specially rose. She teaches Kyle how to appreciate and love things that he has. She teaches him how to truly love something or someone. When Kyle turned into a beast he thought that no one will accept him because of his appearance. The witch told him that someone must love him even so he doesn’t look too good. At the almost end of the story he lost his hope because Linda left him. But at the end Linda and Kyle end up together. And Linda said the three magical words â€Å"I love you†. Being beautiful and handsome is so overwhelming but if your attitude is not so good your beauty is nothing. You should always be aware that others might misunderstand your actions or what you have said to them. Be sensitive enough to know that someone is hurt by what you have said. Always remember that in communicating in someone you should know his/ her cultural background. Kyle’s speech was too much others like the witch didn’t like it because he said that he doesn’t care about the environment he just care about his image. He is being insensitive to others that love our environment. You as the speaker should always know how to express your opinion in a nice and clear way so that there will be no misunderstanding in mode of communication. Even though you have imperfections and flaws in life there will always be someone who will accept your imperfections and flaws. There will always be someone that will love you and accept you for who you are. Always remember that nobody is perfect in this world all of us had experience some downfall and failures in life but we should always not lose hope in everything. In every problem there will always be a solution. How to cite The Movie Beastly, Papers

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Rap music free essay sample

People that do not listen to rap music should realize that rap music carries out positive meanings for society to recognize. People can take rap as too loud or annoying, or people think, Why do these rap artists have to cuss so much? Yes, rap music will talk about sex, drugs, and degrading women. I believe that true rap music serves Its purpose by sharing life stories and confronting harsh realities. There Is a rap song called Mockingbird by Mine, and It Is about Mine telling his daughter that he will always be there for her even though he Is thousands of miles way.Critics of Mockingbird said the lyrics of the songs were a heart-warming sensation and addresses to a lot of people who are without a member of their family. With Mine and his success, he Is not Just famous for the style he presents, but the messages he carries out and the realties there are In life. We will write a custom essay sample on Rap music or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Along with the widespread drug use Many artists simply left these tough Issues alone, but Tuba gravitated toward the controversy. (Seth Campbell, Opinion) Rap music Is straightforward, and people should not take that for granted.If there were only more rappers like Mine and Tuba, and all the new rappers coming into Hollywood would aim as high as those rappers did The world would be a little bit better of a place. If people focus on the rappers who do nothing but cuss and degrade women, then those are the people that look for nothing but the worst in society. Rap music symbolizes that out of every unfortunate income of life, there is always a message; perhaps a legacy, like Tuba, to be born and presented to a number of generations and generations to come. Rap Music free essay sample Music If the average person Is asked to picture an Image of a rapper, images of a man with his body covered In tattoos, wearing gold chains with smoke pouring out of his mouth and swearing to every second word he says would be some of the first things to come to his or her head. If the person Is asked again to describe how they picture a rap music video to be like, her or she would probably describe the video centered on a rapper with the features previously mentioned, surrounded by women with alcohol involved being derogatory and vulgar.If the person was told that part of the reason the usage of crack cocaine has declined in the united States is because of rappers who have rapped about using it and how it has ruined their career, life and families (Positive Influences of Rap. ), he or she would have a hard time believing it because it goes against the things he or she is used to seeing in the media about rap music effects. We will write a custom essay sample on Rap Music or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Rap music Is an American minority artist creation that originated in the Bronx, New York In the ass (Rhodes, Henry). Rappers first began to rap at local house parties along funky party music that people danced to. At this time of the musics evolution, rapping would go on for about fourteen minuets and often times It would be turned into rap battles. Forwarding couple of years, rap music began gained popularity In the media and in the ass it became a distinct musical genre (Wood, Joann). The more fame the music got, the more of a controversy it became in the united States. The explicit lyrics, usage of drugs, alcohol, and the violent behaviors that some rappers began to mention in their music became a big target for the media to depict as it was seen as a negative influence to the youth.Nowadays, rap music and the artists behind it is solely depicted and represented in a biased way by the media that the publics main perception of the music is that its a nuisance and poisonous to the youths mind. Rap music does In fact Influence the youth negatively. There are many researchers who have analyzed the effects of rap music on the youth and concluded many different Impacts It had on the youths life. In Gina Wolfhounds study of rap music influences, she analyzed the behavioral changes rap music videos had on 522 female adolescents of the ages of 14-18.The participants were randomly selected from a rope of volunteers and were contacted for monthly checkups over the course of 12 months. In the study, Winging recorded changes the adolescents had been experiencing in their life like being in fights, been arrested, used alcohol [and] or drugs. After, 12 months she concluded: 37. 6% acquired a new sexually transmitted disease hit a teacher reported being arrested 12. 1% 14. 8% had sexual Intercourse with someone other than their steady partner 44. 2% reported using drugs 44. % consumed alcohol Many of the participants were In fact under the Influences of the rap music videos they had been watching. However though, according to Cheryl Keyes, studies the ages of 14-18 the youth are likely to try drugs, start drinking, or engage in sexual activities so its hard to say that rap music is to blame for those behaviors. Anyway;says though, in neither of the categories that the adolescents behaviors were analyzed, were 100% of the adolescents acting on the influences that rap music video are supposedly promoting.In a similar study that consisted of one hundred African American males of the ages of 13-25 concluded that the participants were against the idea of Moline against women that is often displayed in rap music video (Harvey, Bonito). Both studies show that rap music isnt only a negative influence on the youth which shows the medias representation of rap music inaccurate. In most cases involving teen violence or shootings, the me dia associates it with being in relations and an influence of rap music. It is associated with behaviors teens are mimicking from rappers they idealize.But, as stated on Does Todays Music Our Youth can Molten lyrics [alone] cause young people to behave violently? If that were to be true than every teen who has listened to rap music would be in possession of guns and committing crime with it. According to Sullivan, rap music is seen by many adolescent as life affirming and many studies has shown that rap music has empowering qualities that.. . Can increase critical consciousness and increase resistance to oppressive conditions (CTD in Music. ). The form of rap music that centers its lyrics on alcohol, gang violence, drugs and etc. S only a small category of rap music: gangs rap (Rhodes, Henry). This small category of rap music is the focus the media chooses to stereotype the music a negative influence when there are many positive effects of rap music like educating the youth. In 2011, after the rapper Common was invited by Michelle Obama to recital poetry at the White Houses celebration of American Poetry, a big uproar stirred up as people were accusing Common of being a thug and a Mel rapper that didnt deserve the place (Denton, Rudolf). Commons lyrics are all about bringing positive messages and yet he is faced with all these negative accusations.According to Carrie Fried, the conflicted reactions are Justified by the fact that the label of rap is likely to affect how people interpret of a given set of lyrics (CTD. In Denton, Rudolf). Fried as able come to this conclusion by observing three groups of peoples reaction to one particular song. A folk song, Bad Mans Blunder that was about a man who kills a cop. Each group was told the song was of different genre: folk, country, and rap. The groups that believed the song was of folk and country genre had moderate reaction to the song. However, the group that was under the impression the song was rap claimed the lyrics were more threatening when the song wasnt even rap. Society has gotten used to seeing biased depiction of rap music through the media that their primary assumption of the music is that its threatening. Rap music is poetry. It gives a person the freedom and space to express their real emotions or feelings. The artists of today are simply warning people of how violent the streets are [and are] simply stating life as they live it (Does Todays Our Youth. ).Even though the media solely focuses on the Molten obscene lyrics and themes, rap music is used as an educational tool by drawing attention to problems of poverty, racism, and economic oppression (Positive Influences of Rap. ). Rap music is used like a tool to give voice to the public. Rappers use rap to speak to the public affairs, war, immigration etc. They use rap music to paint an image of what is revolving around them and how they see it. Even though in most occasions they present their stories with a lot of negative and graphic scenes, its Just a reflection of problems facing the community.Many other artists in other genre of music make music expressing their view of problems the world are facing, but are not criticized about it. In the song Thug Mansion, OPAC says: Picture me inside the misery of poverty No man alive even witnessed struggles I survived politicians ban us locked in chains, please explain here a way for me to change? Did to maintain? .. . Seen the Theyd rather see us why they cant stand us, is Or am I Just a victim of things I This song is used by OPAC to raise the publics awareness about issues concerning poverty and discrimination that was still a big issue around his time.He made many other rap songs with a positive message like the song Keep Yea Head Up that addresses issues concerning lack of respect toward the female gender, especially poor black women. Its a rap song that builds women up and has a very positive message. However, despite the positive messages he conveys through his ones, he was still considered one of the most violent and offensive rap artists in the industry (Positive Influences of Rap. ). Other rappers like Common use rap music to inspire creativity as he doing in the song Come Close where he uses drawings to convey his poetic verses to a deaf girl. In the song Resurrection the rapper Lope Fiasco raps about the tragic earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and encourages the people to not lose hope. The song also raised money that was donated to Haiti. Other rap music encourages the youth to think of the future and to follow their dreams like for example the song l Know I Can by Nas. The song stresses the importance of staying in school and getting a good Job. The media shouldnt down talk rap because in many cases its Just another way to let out stress and feelings.Some rappers also, write their music with a message to help people rise up and find a new path of life as Mine does in the song Rock Bottom. In the song he expresses his feelings of when he was going through the experience of that people refer to rock bottom and how he was able to build up after that which many people can relate to. Aside from the rap musics with meaningful messages, there is a big number f rappers who are labeled as menaces of society that invest much of their times in their communities.Many of these rappers grew up in small hoods and know the struggles one can go through in the hood life and so they give back to the fortune for intense T. L. He started a charity organization, K. I. N. G foundation, which raises money for various causes like providing toys to the less fortuned kids (Positive Acts of Rappers and Hip Hop. ). The rapper Newly runs the kidskin Foundation, a non- profit foundation that is dedicated to his sister Jackie Donahue, who died in 2005 from leukemia. As he states, the foundation aims to feed as many hungry kinds in this country as possible (CTD. Olson, Bruce).His Jess Us 4 Jackie fundraising campaign aims to educate African-Americans and other minorities (Olson, Bruce). Achieved their success and they inspire the youth to strive for the same success instead of being a negative influence as the media has it. There are many positives that can and have come from rap music but, this side of rap music is foreign to the public because of hoe the music is represented by the media. The number of rappers who care about helping those less fortune and are about making a difference is a long list that to most Americans who dont care to look at the positive things rappers do is surprising.The media shouldnt solely look at the negative aspects of raps music because how are people supposed think otherwise when all the media does is degrade rappers and their music as if they are the scum of the Earth? Rap music should also be embraced by the media for its positive aspects. Rappers should not be Judged as people by the lyrics they sing in songs or what they do for their Job, because the luxurious lifestyle with money and ears is a part of rap music, it isnt the lifestyle that rappers life in their everyday life. To many rappers the music is part of their life.

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Dialysis essays

Dialysis essays The topic of this paper is dialysis. Throughout the paper I will discuss the alternative names given for dialysis, reasons on why the test is performed, how the test is performed, how the test will feel, how to prepare for the test, risks that may occur, and lastly, some pictures of a dialysis machine and the instruments used during dialysis. There are several alternative names used for dialysis that include artificial kidneys, AV fistula, AV graft, hemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis. Dialysis is performed to remove contaminants from the blood that could, and eventually, result in death in the absence of kidney function. The kidneys function as filters for the blood, removing products of amino acid breakdown. More than that, they serve to reclaim and regulate body water, maintain electrolyte balance, and ensure that the blood pH remains between 7.35 and 7.45. Without the function of the kidney, life is not possible ( Dialysis serves to replace some of the functions of the kidney. Since dialysis is not a constant ongoing process, it cannot serve as a constant monitor as do normal functioning kidneys, but it can eliminate waste products and restore electrolyte and pH levels on an as needed basis ( The test is performed by a process called homodialysis. Hemodialysis works by circulating the blood through a machine. The blood flows across a semipermeable membrane with solutions that remove toxins. Before hemodialysis can be performed, there needs to be adequate access to the vascular system. The access needs to support a blood flow of 250 ml/minute, and a normal venous peripheral IV will not support that volume of blood flow. A special type of arterial and venous access is therefore established. The access can be either external or internal. External access involves two catheters, one th...

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Cuánto demoran los papeles para esposos de residentes

Cunto demoran los papeles para esposos de residentes La peticià ³n de papeles para su cà ³nyuge realizada por un residente permanente se demora, en el momento de escribir este artà ­culo, entre aproximadamente 21 meses de mà ­nimo y 30 de mximo. En este artà ­culo se explican las causas de la demora, cà ³mo es posible hacer un clculo ms detallado, segà ºn el caso de cada solicitante, cosas que deben saberse mientras se estn en el medio del proceso de la tramitacià ³n y, por à ºltimo, quà © causas pueden dar lugar a la negacià ³n de peticià ³n de la tarjeta de residencia, tambià ©n conocida como green card. 4 factores que determinan la  demora la green card para cà ³nyuges de residentes La demora de la peticià ³n, la cual se puede presentar para un cà ³nyuge del mismo sexo o del sexo opuesto,  depende, bsicamente, de cuatro: En primer lugar, de quà © oficina del Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y Ciudadanà ­a (USCIS) debe aprobar la peticià ³n En segundo lugar, de la oficina consular en la que se realiza la entrevista para los casos de cà ³nyuge fuera de Estados Unidos o de la oficina del USCIS que debe aprobar el ajuste de estatus, para el caso de cà ³nyuges en situacià ³n migratoria legal en los Estados Unidos En tercer lugar, del nà ºmero total de peticiones de esta categorà ­a, ya que existe un nà ºmero mximo que se puede aprobar por aà ±o fiscal y asà ­, cuando se alcanza dicho nà ºmero las oficinas del gobierno paralizar el nà ºmero de peticiones aprobadas hasta que el inicio del siguiente aà ±o fiscal. Y en cuarto lugar, del paà ­s de nacimiento de la persona pedida ya que para Mà ©xico aplican unas fechas y para el resto de Latinoamà ©rica y Espaà ±a, otras.   Pero es posible calcular las demoras y tambià ©n verificar cada poco si hay cambios en los tiempos de tramitacià ³n. Adems, si todavà ­a no se ha iniciado el trmite, esto es lo que se debe  hacer para que un residente solicite la green card para su cà ³nyuge. Paso 1: demora el USCIS en aprobar la peticià ³n El primer paso en la obtencià ³n de la green card para el cà ³nyuge es que el USCIS apruebe la solicitud. El paquete con ella se envà ­a a una oficina (depende del lugar en el que se reside) y, una vez, allà ­, se distribuye entre los llamados Centros de Servicio. A las pocas semanas de haber enviado el paquete con la solicitud se recibe una carta que tambià ©n se conoce con el nombre de NOA1. Contiene informacià ³n importante, como el nà ºmero de caso y tambià ©n el lugar en el que va a tramitar la solicitud.   Una vez que se sabe cul ha tocado, ir a esta pgina oficial, bajar el cursor, elegir el Centro de Servicio adecuado y presionar en centro de servicio fechas de trmite.   A partir de ahà ­ se abre una pgina y hacia la mitad de la misma buscar formulario I-130 peticià ³n para pariente extranjero y verificar la opcià ³n de peticià ³n de un residente permanente para un cà ³nyuge o un nià ±o menor de 21 aà ±os.   Y el tiempo de procesamiento son los meses en los que el USCIS se demora para contestar si aprueba la peticià ³n o la deniega. Lo notifica con una carta conocida como NOA2 que es muy importante porque ahà ­ aparece la fecha de prioridad. Paso 2. La gran espera por los papeles Una vez que el USCIS aprueba la solicitud hay que esperar por una visa disponible. Esto quiere decir que por ley hay un nà ºmero limitado de peticiones de tarjetas de residencia que se pueden hacer en esta categorà ­a de solicitudes de residente para esposo, lo que se conoce como F2A.   Y como el nà ºmero de solicitudes es ms grande que el nà ºmero de visas disponibles entonces se producen unos retrasos.   Cada mes el Departamento de estado publica el boletà ­n de visas. Ahà ­ es el lugar donde informarse  si ya hay visa disponible y se acabà ³ la espera. La manera de mirarlo es teniendo la fecha de prioridad en la mano. Si la fecha es anterior al dà ­a que el boletà ­n de visas seà ±ala para la categorà ­a F2A, eso quiere decir que comienza de nuevo la tramitacià ³n que falta.Si es ms reciente, hay que seguir esperando. En la actualidad, el boletà ­n de visas est dividido en dos grandes categorà ­as.   En el caso en que se puede ajustar el estatus, verificar la fecha en dates for filing. Por el contrario, los casos con procedimiento consular deben consular el final action. Paso 3. Ajuste de estatus o procedimiento consular Entonces pueden pasar dos cosas segà ºn dà ³nde se encuentra el cà ³nyuge pedido: Si est en Estados Unidos legalmente se puede proceder a su ajuste de estatus. Y aquà ­ se explica cà ³mo verificar los tiempos de demora para eso. Recordar que los esposos de residentes en situacià ³n migratoria de ilegalidad no pueden ajustar su estatus y, por lo tanto, antes de iniciar cualquier trmite migratorio deberà ­an consultar y asesorarse con un abogado. Si la persona pedida est fuera de Estados Unidos habr unas gestiones (como envà ­o del affidavit of support) con el Centro Nacional de Visas y los pasos finales se harn en el paà ­s de cada uno, incluyendo una entrevista en el consulado o Embajada. Aunque las demoras varà ­an por paà ­s en là ­neas generales puede decirse que desde que hay visa disponible a la finalizacià ³n del proceso no pasan ms de seis meses.   Problemas en la peticià ³n de la green card para esposos Estas son 42 causas por las que se deniega la green card. No todos los problemas son iguales, ya que en algunos casos es posible pedir un perdà ³n, tambià ©n conocido como waiver. En otros casos, el castigo es solamente temporal. Finalmente, en algunas circunstancias no ser posible encontrar arreglo y no se obtendr la green card. Adems, tratndose de un matrimonio, el USCIS y, en su caso, el consulado va a poner atencià ³n para averiguar si el matrimonio es real o es sà ³lo de conveniencia.   Recordar que los  esposos de residentes que estn en Estados Unidos como indocumentados  no pueden ajustar su estatus por matrimonio. Con lo que si los piden en esa situacià ³n tendrn que salir de Estados Unidos y allà ­ puede saltar el problema del  castigo de los 3 y de los 10 aà ±os. Por todas estas razones dichas, es recomendable antes de iniciar trmite asesorarse con un buen abogado de inmigracià ³n cuando alguno de esos problemas puedan aparecer. Mientras se est esperando por los papeles Mientras se espera por la green card, puede suceder que el solicitante cambie de estatus legal al naturalizarse y convertirse en ciudadano estadounidense. Esto es lo que debe  hacer si el residente se convierte en ciudadano.   Por otra parte, tambià ©n mientras se espera por la green card si el cà ³nyuge est fuera de Estados Unidos puede que desee viajar para reunirse con su esposa o marido. Pero esto no siempre es posible y conviene enterarse de las posibilidades de ser exitoso al  pedir una visa de turista mientras se espera por green card. Asimismo, como las cosas de amor pueden ser cambiantes, es importante conocer cà ³mo  afecta el divorcio a la green card. Consejos para que todo el trmite resulte bien Estados Unidos es un paà ­s diferente en muchos aspectos como por ejemplo, el migratorio, el legal, o en materia de impuestos, etc. Para evitar problemas y conocer los derechos todas las personas que desean emigrar deberà ­an familiarizarse cuanto antes con los aspectos bsicos del paà ­s y asà ­ evitar ms tarde problemas indeseados.   Adems, este es un listado de telà ©fonos y pginas webs en los que se puede verificar informacià ³n sobre el caso y obtener buenos recursos migratorios.   Finalmente, se aconseja tomar este quiz - trivial o test- para verificar que tienes los conocimientos bsicos para obtener y conservar la tarjeta de residencia. Es difà ­cil conseguirla. No corras el riesgo de que te la cancelen por ignorancia. Este artà ­culo es sà ³lo informativo, no es consejo legal.

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UK LAND LAW (question is in the instructions box) Essay

UK LAND LAW (question is in the instructions box) - Essay Example on relates to whether the lease transferred by Troy to Ai-Ai was in conformity or in breach of Lakshmis covenants in the initial lease agreement or not. The second issue relates to Troys position in the contract after the property is transferred to Ai-Ai. Is Troy bounded by his guarantee to check performances of new assignees or not. What is the position of the guarantee in relation to Lakshmi and can be held responsible for the actions of Ai-Ai and Boo? The third issue relates to the possibility of Ai-Ais transfer of the property to Boo. Is the extended holiday in Thailand tantamount to abandonment and is Boos usage of the property tantamount to an assignment? This is an issue because Ai-Ai does not have the right to assign the property without Lakshmis consent. Hence, there is a clear breach. But what are the legal implications? Can Lakshmi sue for forfeiture? The final pointer that will be examined is the legal position of Boos breaking down of the wall in the property to allow in more air. Alterations on the property is a covenant in the lease. Does Lakshmi have the right of forefeiture? And a possible request for damages? A leasehold covenant is a clause in a lease specifying specific obligations on the part of either party2. This include express terms about how things will occur and how the lease is to be regulated. An assignment occurs when a tenant transfers whole or part of his remaining interest in the property to someone else who is an assignee. An assignment is somewhat like a three tier arrangement between a landlord who hands over to the tenant who also hands over to an assignee. In some cases, leases forbid assignments because landlords do not want their property to be transferred to assignees they do not know3. However, in a case where the lease agreement forbids tenants from assignments, a tenant can transfer interest in the lease to another person with the consent of the landlord and this transferee becomes a sub-tenant4. When a tenant